Episode 3

Published on:

30th May 2020

Shanna In A Dress: Edited version

If you are in the folk scene in Northern Colorado, you probably already know about Shanna In a Dress, but she is also attracting attention outside the region, and was just named a finalist for Kerrville's New Folk Songwriting competition.

We first met Shanna at Folk Alliance and then have seen her live several times since our first meeting. She played our house series in 2019. As I say in the podcast, Shanna is a unique and talented songwriter. She has great comedic timing, which makes her great to see live, but she also has an ear for songs that can take your breath away.

You can find more about Shanna at her website. She also has a Patreon account, as well as the usual Venmo and PayPal. We hope you will support live musicians during this time (and after).





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At Music at Three Pines, we have hosted over 20 private house shows with incredible touring folk and Americana musicians. With the pandemic, we are on hiatus, but want to support these musicians as well as talk music. On this podcast, we will talk about the creative process, self-care, and the difficulties of the music industry.