Episode 19

Published on:

11th Dec 2020

Hannah Miller

In this episode, I sat down and chatted with Hannah Miller. Hannah is a prolific writer who has placed some of her music in television shows such as "This is Us," and "Sons of Anarchy." She has one of those voices that grabs you from the first word, and on top of that is a lot of fun to chat with. We had a great time chatting about her work, her aversion to touring, and her creative process. We also chatted about her new Christmas EP, which she put together during this pandemic. And it is great. You can find it where you purchase digital music, and you should.

At her website, you can find more info about Hannah, ways to purchase her music, and links to her Patreon account.

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At Music at Three Pines, we have hosted over 20 private house shows with incredible touring folk and Americana musicians. With the pandemic, we are on hiatus, but want to support these musicians as well as talk music. On this podcast, we will talk about the creative process, self-care, and the difficulties of the music industry.