Episode 11

Published on:

4th Sep 2020

Caitlin Cannon and Alice Wallace

This episode features two singer songwriters, Caitlin Cannon and Alice Wallace. Friends and songwriting partners, they got together in Durango, Colorado over the summer, both to get Alice out of the humidity of Nashville and to write songs. The two are hilarious together, and write really good songs--both alone and together. We chatted about co-writing, mermaids (just have to listen) and the creative process.

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Music at Three Pines: The Podcast
A house concert promoter talks to musicians about the creative process.
At Music at Three Pines, we have hosted over 20 private house shows with incredible touring folk and Americana musicians. With the pandemic, we are on hiatus, but want to support these musicians as well as talk music. On this podcast, we will talk about the creative process, self-care, and the difficulties of the music industry.