Episode 16

Published on:

22nd Oct 2020

Annie Oakley

We first met Sophia and Jo around a campfire at a Colorado music festival, but at the time, we all lived in Norman, Oklahoma. They were just starting out as singer songwriters, having started writing songs at the ripe age of 12 or 13. Since then, we have watched them mature as humans and as musicians, and had the great pleasure of running into them at the Montreal Folk Alliance. Since then, both twins have moved to Fort Collins, though with the pandemic, we have been unable to see them for months. We talk about songwriting and the pandemic, but talk a lot about their new album--The Second Day of Spring--and the Kickstarter project they are running to complete the album's release.


Kickstarter for The Second Day of Spring

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Music at Three Pines: The Podcast
A house concert promoter talks to musicians about the creative process.
At Music at Three Pines, we have hosted over 20 private house shows with incredible touring folk and Americana musicians. With the pandemic, we are on hiatus, but want to support these musicians as well as talk music. On this podcast, we will talk about the creative process, self-care, and the difficulties of the music industry.